Paul Sanders is a founder of state51, established in 1991, and the UK’s leading digital music company. Paul has worked with Virgin Records (1994-2000), Cable and Wireless (1997), BT (1999), EMI (1997-2000), Sony (1999), and Channel 4 (2001) developing strategy and delivering award-winning internet, broadband and interactive television projects.

Since 1999 Paul has been developing the state51 Conspiracy, with a mission to define a music company for the 21st Century. The state51 Conspiracy works with some of the world’s most cutting edge independent record labels and artists, combining global digital and physical music distribution, direct digital and mail order sales, publishing, and licensing.

In 2002 he founded Consolidated Independent, with a mission to give the independent music sector equal access to the digital marketplace. CI provides the technology and logistics to support many leading independent labels and distributors, and has become one of the critical digital service providers for the independent music industry.

In 2004 Paul founded MSP, originally a broadband ISP licensed for music and now an enabling platform for ISPs and networks, creating an entirely new business model for digital music.

Paul established OpenIMP in 2012, a powerful internet connected platform for digital music. OpenIMP provides massive scalable storage, low latency transit, and internet peering, on an architecture that enables flexible application development and resilient delivery.

Paul participates in music industry activities, advising trade associations and project groups on the implications of the digital marketplace. He has been an active supporter of DDEX, the global digital supply chain standards initiative. To further his vision of a music industry based on fairness, openness and balance, Paul sits on the Open Rights Group’s Advisory Council, contributing to policy on creativity and digital markets. He is an occasional writer and conference speaker.